Governor to sign smoking ban on Friday

Kansas – The governor will sign a statewide smoking ban into law on Friday. It’s a law that bans smoking inside and even some places outside.

The ban has some businesses trying to figure out how they’ll accommodate their smoking patrons. It’s especially difficult for some bars as the law prohibits smoking near a business entrance.

“I think it’s a bit confusing,” said Ben George, owner of the Anchor in downtown Wichita.

George joins other business owners across the state in wondering just how the statewide ban will work. Of course, everyone knows there will no longer be smoking allowed inside. But the ban goes beyond that.

The Anchor’s outdoor patio may seem like the perfect place to light up. After all, it is outside. But the state’s new law would ban smoking there too, because it’s 10 feet from a door.

Part of the ban will not allow smoking 10 feet from a door, open window or air intake, making outdoor patios a smoke-free zone.

“Customers who have been drinking, they just step outside and have a cigarette,” George said. “I don’t think they understand the importance.”

Or, perhaps, the fines for violating the ban. The new law will be enforced by local police and for smoking where you shouldn’t police will issue a ticket. It’s a $100 fine for your first violation, $200 for your second and $500 for your third.

To keep their smoking customers out of hot water, the Anchor is building a new patio area on the side. It will be 10 feed from a door, making lighting up legal. As the Anchor sees it, they’re lucky when compared to some of their downtown neighbors.

“Compared to some other places that don’t have the space, that’s unfortunate for them,” said George.

The new smoking ban goes into effect on July 1st. The governor will sign the ban into law in Topeka Friday. On Monday he will hold signing ceremonies in Kansas City and Salina.

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