Obama advised, tame stress, quit smoking

Health educator advises President Barack Obama and others trying to quit smoking to keep trying.

Susan Rausch, health educator at the Pat Walker Health Center and co-chair of the University of Arkansas’ campaign to promote the tobacco-free campus policy, suggests first dealing with stress.

“Obviously, President Obama has a very stressful job,” Rausch said in a statement. “But University of Arkansas students facing mid-term exams know something about stress, too. There are ways to deal with stress and quit smoking, too.”

Rausch advises adopting stress-reduction strategies like making physical activity a part of each day.

Other recommendations include:

- Understanding the key to success is personal choice. Quitting needs to be a gift to one’s self, not something being taken away.

- Set a date for quitting and prepare for the date by cutting down.

- Freshen surroundings; spring is a prime time to clean home, car, clothes, even teeth.

- On quit date, plan to be somewhere smoking is not allowed. Reward each smoke-free day.

- Remember relapse is not failure. Most smokers try several times before they have been able to stop smoking.

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