Alabama committee approves restaurant smoking ban

An Alabama Senate committee has approved a bill to ban smoking in restaurants throughout the state.

Democratic Sen. Vivian Davis Figures of Mobile guided her bill through the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday.

Figures has tried for several years to pass bills restricting smoking in public places, but she has not had success. She said she decided to try again this year with a simpler bill that only applies to restaurants.

Hong Kong hires smoking ban enforcers

The government of Hong Kong has hired a team of ‘tobacco inspectors’, who will patrol public transport centers ensuring that no one is smoking. The step is intended to reinforce Hong Kong’s ban on smoking in public places.

Almost 100 enforces will be on the lookout for smokers. Culprits will face a 1,500 Hong Kong dollar ban (approximately ?130).

California Nears Park, Beach Smoking Ban

California lawmakers passed a bill Monday that will ban smoking in the state’s parks and beaches if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs it into law. If signed, the law would punish violators with fines up to $100.

The measure, though, does exempt campsites and some specified parking areas.