Smoking Effect On Nurses Health

A new UCLA School of Nursing study is the first to reveal the devastating consequences of smoking on the nursing profession. Published in the November-December edition of the journal Nursing Research, the findings describe smoking trends and death rates among U.S. nurses and emphasize the importance of supporting smoking cessation programs in the nursing field.

“Nurses witness firsthand how smoking devastates the health of their patients with cancer and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases,” said principal investigator Linda Sarna, D.N.Sc, a professor at the UCLA School of Nursing. “Yet nurses struggle with nicotine addiction like the rest of the 45 million smokers in America. We are concerned that nurses who smoke may be less apt to support tobacco-control programs or encourage their patients to quit.”

When does the smoking ban go into effect?

Q: What does the six-month extension mean for the smoking ban? Is that when it starts? Can I smoke in restaurants until then?
A: The six-month extension applies to public places that had a designated
smoking area prior to the smoking ban and are considering making the area meet the city ordinance’s requirements. Businesses that will not have a special smoking zone are expected to comply with the ordinance now.

In September, the Dodge City Commission passed an ordinance banning smoking in businesses open to the public. Smoking is also prohibited outside any public place within 10 feet of the main entrance or exit.

Stop Smoking Injections

Smoking is one of the leading causes of death, with over 5 million people dying of cigarette-related causes every year. All of these deaths are easily preventable. Still lots of people begin smoking every day and once they begin many find it difficult to quit. That is why stop smoking aids are becoming so popular.

One of the most successful quit smoking method is the stop smoking injection or vaccine with a reported 70 to 80% success rate. These injections are done by a physician in a clinic. Combining these shots with other methods like group therapy makes them even more effective.

Smoking during pregnancy shows mixed effects

Smoking during pregnancySmoking during pregnancy appears to affect children’s birthweight, and possibly their risk of becoming overweight, but it may not directly harm other aspects of physical and cognitive development, a large study suggests.

The findings, from a study of nearly 53,000 U.S. children born in the 1960s, found that those whose mothers smoked during pregnancy were at higher risk of low birthweight — a link that studies have long noted.

There was also evidence, albeit weaker, that these children were more likely than children of non-smoking women to be overweight by age seven.

Common Harmful Smoking Effects

People today do not need to be told that smoking causes many diseases, science and modern medicine have already made sure of that, and even though those are some of the most common harmful smoking effects, there are plenty of others.

Out of the more than 4,000 chemicals smoking manufacturers use in the production of cigarettes, 60 of them actually have been proven to cause cancer, which is probably the most well known of the numerous harmful smoking effects on humans.