Your Health: Smoking top risk for heart disease

Harvard Medical School’s Healthbeat reports:

• Smoking is the top risk factor for heart disease. But for women on birth control pills, it increases the risk of stroke and heart attack even more.

• Less than one out of three Americans gets enough exercise, but women are even less active than men, especially in the 18 to 30 and over-65 age ranges.

• Women should especially beware of having high triglycerides and a waist over 35 inches, which greatly increase the risk of diabetes or a fatal heart attack.

• “Broken heart syndrome” – the sudden, but usually reversible, loss of heart function after an intense emotional experience – is almost exclusively in older women. Women are twice as likely to be depressed as men, but are much more likely to have social support, especially after retirement.

Anti-smoking drug can help you stop smoking once and for all

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