Ashes star David Warner’s surprise ‘hot testicle’ forces airport security check

Aussie cricket legend David Warner sparked security concerns at LA International Airport after his "hot balls" set off scanners.

Warner had been stateside with his wife Candice for Miley Cyrus' mum's wedding to Australian actor Dominic Purcell – when he sparked a moment of confusion at LAX.

Speaking on Triple M's Rush Hour with Gus, Jude and Wendell, Candice recalled: "All of a sudden his balls lit up," before she compared the image on the X-ray machine to the 'Hot Spot' technology used in cricket.

"I'd never seen this about my husband, I didn't know he had hot balls," Candice continued. However, Warner was subject to a full body search before he was let back on his way.

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And some cheeky cricket fans couldn't help but make the same joke: "He's got some sandpaper in his pants!" While a second added: "Was it sandpaper?"

Warner was forced to step down as vice-captain of the Australian national team due to a ball-tampering scandal that revolved around the use of sandpaper.

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Dr Sam, Triple M's Rush Hour medical expert, joked with Candice that Warner might have a piercing below the belt that she didn't know about. However, Candice was quick to squash that rumour: "No, no, there's no piercings!"

Meanwhile, Ashes star Warner will now be readying to link back up with the Aussie side as they continue their preparations for the Cricket World Cup – which will be held in India later this year.

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