‘Criminal behaviour’ with hot dog causes major stir in stands at Australian Open

An Australian Open fan’s “criminal behaviour” in the stands has caused a huge stir on social media.

A short clip uploaded to Twitter during one of the weekend’s tennis clashes in Melbourne caught a woman tucking into her hotdog from high in the stands. But the individual in question opted for a bizarre way of enjoying her mid-match snack.

Rather than taking a bite out of said hotdog, the video showed the tennis fan using her hands to snap off a chunk of sausage, before scoffing it on its own. Perhaps even worse, there appeared to not be a single dollop of ketchup or mustard in sight.

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And fans on social media could not believe their eyes as they tried to make sense of the unusual behaviour. “The biggest crime here is that there is no sauce or mustard,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another tweeted: “Any chance of some sauce on that dog?? Looks dry.”

A third added: “Good lord, that is making me thirsty looking at it. Put some sauce or mustard on it, for the love of God."

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And a fourth commented: “What even is this??? not sure what’s worse, picking at the dog or having no sauce?”

The video has since racked up over 50,000 views, with a number of fans voicing their disdain for the strange method. Though a few Twitter users appeared to sympathise with the lady.

One fan claimed hot dogs are the enemy of wearing nice lipstick and a nice outfit, while another suggested her method ensured the perfect hotdog and bun ratio. All fascinating stuff.


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