Golfers get fright of their lives as giant 4ft snake slithers out of hole

The world of golf has been hit by stories of bad blood and backstabbing since the emergence of LIV last year, but it's not every day one sees an actual snake on the greens.

A group of golfers in Sydney, Australia, were fortunate to come away unscathed after spotting a four-foot reptile was hogging the second hole all to itself. And there was little choice but for some spectators to play through, rather than tussle with the cold-blooded critter.

It's just as well nobody holed their ball before attempting to reach in and retrieve it, which would likely have resulted in a nasty surprise. Instead, the scaly intruder appeared happy to be observed before taking his leave without any casualties.

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"Everyone needs a break from the heat when it’s this hot, even the wildlife," read a very accommodating caption from The Coast Golf Club's official Instagram. "This little fella was found by our Ladies taking refuge in the hole on the 2nd green today.

"The 4ft red belly black hung around and watched a few groups come through before moving on. All golfers were happy to take the two putts offered to them and move on."

The red-bellied black snake is described by Melbourne's School of Biomedical Sciences as being "somewhat less venomous than many other Australian snakes." However, they are still known to inject as much as 94 milligrams of venom in a single bite.

In the right dosage, this can lead to neurotoxicity (causing damage to the nervous system), myolysis (the destruction of muscle tissue) and coagulopathy (limiting the blood's ability to coagulate). Needless to say none of the above symptoms are the kind of handicap one expects to encounter on the fairways.

At the very least, the snake would have only helped the pace of play as everyone who encountered him on the second green took the same score. Not only that, but he might have caused a few patrons to make a fairly sharp exit for the third hole.

Although these kinds of critters are fairly commonplace in Australia, even native golfers might have been shocked to see the snake cooped up in a hole. With conditions like this, it's no surprise LIV rebel Cam Smith has developed into one of the toughest stars to beat on the circuit today.


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