How the LA Clippers should approach the 2022 offseason

Losing two play-in games, including one at home, is a disappointment — even if the LA Clippers were without their best player (Kawhi Leonard) for both and their second-best player (Paul George) for the second one.

But it was never about this season for the Clippers.

Their dreams of a championship ended in the playoffs last year when their franchise player was injured. This season was a bridge to 2022-23, when Leonard will return to the court. The goal this season was to tread water, place a priority on player development and, of course, compete for a playoff spot.

All three of those objectives were achieved without Leonard for the entire year, and without George for most of it.

Entering next season, the Clippers’ play-in label will get changed to a team with a title-level roster.

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