How To Improve Your Basketball Game

If you want to improve your ball game, we have got you covered. It doesn’t matter if you want to take things professionally, or just improve for your weekend games with your buddies, there is always room for mastering your skill. Basketball is such a complicated sport, you have to be willing to keep learning. One of the most important aspects is your technical skills, physical preparation, and team communications. We are going to explore all of these in the article.


It doesn’t matter if you are short, never thought of playing at a higher level, or generally don’t see yourself as a good player. The game is as much mental as it is physical. Of course, chances are, you are not going to be the best player. But the chances are the same for everybody else, so give it a shot if that’s what you truly desire. Of the best dunkers in NBA history is Anthony Jeromy Web, who is also the shortest person to ever play in the league. Don’t let anything discourage you from your goals. Check out his story to learn more about him.

The main thing is, when you set a goal for yourself, such as to get better, you do it and ignore everything else. Yeah, you may fail plenty of times, miss a lot of your shots and even embarrass yourself in front of other practitioners. Who cares if you are the one left playing? You are the hero of your story, so make it the best story you know. Even if you don’t become the best player in the world, or achieve another goal of yours, you can at least give it your best try.

Do you want the words on your gravestone to be “I really wanted to play basketball but couldn’t”? Nobody wants that. “Achieved all his aspirations” sounds way better. Now, the tombstone isn’t exactly something we really want to talk about. Instead, don’t bury yourself and your goals. If you want to play the game, play the game, and don’t let anything stop you. You may surprise yourself with where you end up in a few years.

Get In The Best Fitness Of Your Life

The sport is very demanding. You just can’t be tired on the court, and you have to show your best self when it’s game time. Thus, it’s crucial you dedicate yourself to being in shape. Look, you can play the sport with any level of fitness. But it’s named a sport for a reason. You will have a largely better experience if your life vessel(aka body) can provide what’s necessary for it. Conditioning yourself will pay off big time when your basketball practice comes up.

Even before you ever touch the ball or step on the court, you have to emphasize some sort of cardiovascular activity. Walking is a decent option, start out with what you can handle, and go up from there. Riding a bike, running, or even swimming is a good next step. Studies show that training in water enhances your VO2 capacity in a different way than any outdoor activity. However, the closer you get to training, the more specific you have to be.

Specificity is a very large principle in sports science. It works in life too, but that’s a topic for another day. In short, the concept is that you have to practice exactly what you are going to do. You can’t be the best swimmer in the world if you don’t have access to a pool, even if you are a very good runner. The same goes for basketball players. Start running in short drills, instead of the mile-long runs. You have to keep up with what’s going in the playing field, not run a marathon. The closer to the competition you get, the more precise game practice you need.

Dribble Is Paramount

Ever seen a good player who has never touched the ball? Me neither. You have to learn to control it as if it was an extension of your hand. Now, this is not the game where you just grab the ball and go for the home run. This is a different kind of game. Learning to dribble is the very first step you have to take before really diving into all other ball mechanics. Dribble before the throw, before you pass, before you do anything. How do you learn to do that? Here is an excellent guide for you from the NBA. Read it and then go to practice. Practice makes perfect, and the more you do it, the better is your dribble.