Huge basketball fan Barack Obama ‘in talks’ over buying £3.5billion NBA side

Former United States president Barack Obama is reportedly in talks over buying NBA franchise the Phoenix Suns.

Obama is well known for his love of basketball and famously personalised the White House’s tennis court while in office so it could be used as an outdoor basketball court. And a new report suggests he may soon have an arena of his own.

The rumour was aired by Ringer CEO Bill Simmons on a podcast with NBA pundit and legend Charles Barkley. Simmons told Barkley, a former MVP with the Suns, that the 44th president is involved in one of the groups interested in making a bid for the team.

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Simmons said: "The days of somebody being able to put in a little bit of money and run the team, those days are over. That was a moment.

"The one guy who might pull it off, and I'm probably breaking some news here, but I heard Obama is involved in one of the groups and that's the one guy I feel like they would make him the actual face and the money guys would be so happy to have him at the front."

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It comes in light of disgraced Suns owner Robert Sarver announcing his plans to sell the franchise last month. Sarver was suspended for a year by the NBA in September and fined around £8.7m after being investigated for allegations of racism and misogyny.

The investigation found evidence of 'racially insensitive language, unequal treatment of female employees and sex-related statements and conduct'

Sarver is believed by those within NBA circles to now be looking to sell the Suns for around $4billion (£3.5bn). With Obama’s net worth believed to be a mere fraction of that at around $70million (£60m), the Chicagoan would need to be involved in a consortium if there is any truth to his reported ambitions.

Joe Tsai's $2.4bn ($2bn) purchase of the Brooklyn Nets in 2019 currently holds the record sale price in the NBA. Aside from Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) and Bob Iger (Disney CEO) have also been linked with ownership of the Suns.


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