Logan Paul outlines vast amounts of money he and KSI have made with Prime

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    Logan Paul says he and KSI have "cracked the code" with their Prime energy drink, which has earned massive profits for the duo since its launch in January 2022.

    The drink has been in huge demand among the pair's fans, particularly in the UK, and has signed major sponsorship deals with Arsenal and the UFC. Paul and KSI both made the trip to Australia for UFC 284, the promotion's first pay-per-view event since the Prime deal was announced, and during a media tour Paul revealed exactly how much the pair have made from the drink.

    On an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show, Paul revealed: "Do you want the numbers? Alright. In year one, we cleared $110 million (£91 million) in retail sales.

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    "Sorry, $250 million (£207 million) in retail sales and $110 million gross internally. In January of this year, we did $45 million (£37 million).

    "Yeah. We definitely cracked the code. We hit a few really important things that are a staple marketing ploy of this generation."

    In a recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Paul and KSI further spoke about the success of Prime, with Paul saying the pair have "created a masterclass in terms of how to market using social media".

    "I don't think any brand has gone to this level so quickly," claimed KSI. To which Paul replied: "I think we've created a masterclass in terms of how to market using social media.

    "We've done a good job in leveraging the people that we try and keep entertainment. I feel grateful. I love that people love the product. I love that we serve a purpose. We've filled a niche in the market that didn't exist."

    "I feel like we are a breath of fresh air compared to all of our competitors," added KSI. "We're destroying them. We're actually part of the brand and showing this is our baby. We want to show the whole world that we care about this and we don't mind entertaining the masses doing so."


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