Man loses 300 pounds in 18 months to fulfil MMA dream after body transformation

DJ Varela went on an epic 300 pound weight-loss journey after tipping the scales at over 500 pounds – and he is now looking to make a name for himself in mixed martial arts.

Once an athletic teenager, DJ's career as nightlife promoter led to a colossal weight gain due to drinking and eating unhealthy food at late hours.

At his heaviest, DJ weighed around 500 pounds (35 stone) and made the life-changing decision to join a gym and hire a personal trainer in a bid to get his health back.

After just 18 months of dedication to an exercise regime and keeping a close eye on nutrition, DJ's weight dropped to a healthy 14 stone.

He told truly of his transformation: "The drinking, the eating, the late nights, that kept going down a long road.

"A typical day for me was snacking constantly, whether it was chips, ramen, a sandwich, constantly snacking."

Adding: "My workout routine has evolved throughout the years.

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"In the beginning, it was mainly based off of strength training, now it's more so based on technique and being more functional… Being an MMA fighter has been a dream of mine since my weight loss journey."

DJ is now aiming to compete in mixed martial arts after his commendable transformation, and is feeling confident and optimistic looking forward.

MMA is a full-contact combat sport that has taken the world by storm since the turn of the decade, combining skills from a multitude of backgrounds including boxing and kickboxing.

He added: "When I look in the mirror now, I see the person I always visualised.

"I’m looking forward to the future as far as making sure my body, my mind and spirit can be where they need to be to compete as a mixed martial artist.

"I’m going to continue to evolve and become more and strengthen up my body. The first way out is in, so look inward to the answer that you need, once you find that answer, go from there."

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