Mike Tyson’s crazy diet during boxing career explained – with unusual cheat meal

Mike Tyson's insane diet during his boxing career has been revealed, and it includes a somewhat unusual cheat meal.

Iron Mike began fighting back in 1985 and went onto become one of the greatest heavyweights of all-time.

He was the first heavyweight to simultaneously hold WBA, WBC and IBF titles and the only boxer to unify them in succession.

Tyson finished his boxing career in 2005 with a record of 50 wins, 44 KOs, six losses and two no contests.

And in a sport where marginal gains are so important, it was perhaps Tyson's diet which lifted him above the rest.

The Baddest Man on the Planet used to begin his day with a not-so-bad combination of oatmeal, milk and vitamin supplements.

While most boxers are advised to avoid carbs, Iron Mike wolfed down plenty of them to achieve his iconic physique.

Sports stars are told to gorge on plenty of protein, and this regard, Tyson was no different. The heavyweight champion regularly consumed chicken, rice and plenty of orange juice for his mid-day meal.

At dinner time, it was more of the same – steak and pasta were two of Iron Mike's regular culinary favourites.

In between meals, Tyson also used drink protein shakes blended with bananas to promote his muscle gain, although he did allow himself a treat or two as well.

All boxers need a cheat day – just ask Tyson Fury, who was recently spotted munching on a McDonalds – and Fury's namesake was particularly fond of ice cream and Cap'n Crunch cereal.

Given Iron Mike's incredible 20-year career in the ring, it's probably fair to assume the odd cheat day here and there didn't affect him too much.

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