NBA hopes to adopt play-in tournament for future seasons

The NBA hopes play-in tournaments will be adopted as a permanent change, according to a report from Sports Illustrated.

The league used a play-in tournament last year ahead of the playoff bubble and brought it back this season.

In this year’s format, the top six teams in the regular season automatically qualify for the playoffs and etch their names into the bracket.

The No 7-10 teams are then relegated to the “play-in” round. Seventh and eighth play each other for the right to be seventh seed. The loser would host the winner of ninth vs 10th for the right to the final spot as eighth seed.

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Per the SI report, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the rest of the league should have support to make it permanent.


All 30 team governors, in addition to the players, approved the play-in format for the 2021 season when the league inquired about implementing the tournament.

Having the play-in provides incentives to teams to remain competitive throughout the entire regular season, especially the final month, per the report.

However, the decision likely won’t be made until after the 2021 season concludes.

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