Rickie Fowler lost funny bet with PGA Championship fan after bunker gaffe

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Golf star Rickie Fowler once hilariously lost a bet with a fan at the 2015 PGA Championship following a duffed shot in a bunker. Fowler was going through his usual pre-tournament practice round at Whistling Straits when an onlooker behind the rope caught his attention.

The American found himself in the bunker, and as many PGA Tour stars do during their practice round, tried out a number of different techniques ahead of the week of play. One shot in particular that caught the eye of a fan was when Fowler pulled out his three wood.

In a unique play, the 33-year-old was looking to play his three wood out of the bunker and onto the green, instead of the traditional sand wedge shot.

The fan in question behind the ropes was less than convinced by Fowler’s unique shot, and according to Reddit user @dbakhtiari, a bet between the pair was made. Lacking confidence in the golf star, the spectator behind the ropes bet Fowler $100 that his attempt with the wood would hit the lip of the bunker.

Fowler – more than confident in his abilities – gladly took the bet and attempted his shot into the green. Just moments later though, the 33-year-old was left red-faced as he bunker shot went on to hit the lip to the delight of the fan watching green side.

A man of his word, Fowler proceeded to head over to the spectator area and pay off his bet to the fan in question. Despite losing out the American star went on to enjoy a fairly solid week in Wisconsin, finishing tied 30th in the final major of 2015.

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The 33-year-old will be back in action at the championship this week, however finds himself a world away from the form he was in during his prime seven years ago. Ahead of the event Fowler was unsurprisingly asked about the newly introduced, Saudi-backed LIV Golf Series as the saga surrounding it continues to dominate the world of golf.

Despite the controversies around it, Fowler refused to rule out competing in the series at some point in his career. He said: “To be straightforward with you guys, I haven't necessarily made a decision one way or the other. I've mentioned in the past, do I currently think that the PGA Tour is the best place to play? I do. Do I think it can be better? Yes.

“So I think it's an interesting position. Obviously there's the LIV and Premier, as well. These tours or leagues or whatever, they wouldn't really be coming up if they didn't see that there was more opportunity out there … I think competition ultimately makes people better, whether it's business, sport. So it's interesting, that's for sure.”

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