Tennis star Sizikova arrested on suspicion of deliberately losing match

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Russian Tennis player Yana Sizikova has been arrested amid allegations of match-fixing at the ongoing Roland Garros tournament in France.

Investigations over the incident were opened in October over claims the doubles match between Yana Sizikova and Madison Brugle and Romanian pair Andreea Mitu and Patricia Maria Tig was rigged.

A series of unusual bets around the second set of the match triggered an investigation, and particularly in the fifth game when Sizikova’s serve was broken.

Allegedly, ‘hundreds of thousands of euros’ were bet that the Russian would double fault on two occasions, which she did, and now Sizikova has been arrested.

The 26-year-old was arrested when exiting her massage session following her first-round women's doubles match, which she and her partner – Ekaterina Alexandrova – lost 6-1/6-1.

According to Le Parisian, security tried to block the arrest before police were able to search the Tennis players hotel room.

Sizikova has been accused of 'organised gang fraud' and 'sports corruption'.

The Russian is hardly a major name on the circuit; she is currently ranked 765th in the singles charts, and mainly features in doubles – where she picked up her only victory in 2019 in Lausanne.

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Most of the attention of Roland Garros this year has been focussed off the court, with Naomi Osaka leaving the World Tour after opting out of press conferences to protect her mental health.

And, now, the French Open is engulfed in a match-fixing scandal.

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