Tom Brady launches savage Twitter attack on NFL rival Aaron Rodgers

NFL iconic quarterback Tom Brady launched into a bizarre attack on rival player Aaron Rodgers on Wednesday by using a meme to mock the Green Bay Packers ace.

Brady, who has enjoyed a good-spirited rivalry with Rodgers throughout their lengthy careers, took to Twitter on Wednesday and posted a number of memes at Rodgers' expense.

The online onslaught came after it was announced that Brady and Rodgers will square off on the golf course in July.

The pair will play head-to-head in a pairs game, with Brady teaming up with recently-crowned PGA Championship-winner Phil Mickelson and Rodgers playing alongside Bryson DeChambeau.

And the first meme Brady posted on Wednesday was in relation to that upcoming event.

He posted an image of Brooks Koepka looking fed up, with the caption: "Aaron realizing he has to spend the whole day with Bryson" and the words "Bryson, happy to be here" over an image of DeChambeau walking behind him.

He then made another post poking fun at the Packers' decision to kick a field goal while down 7 in the NFC Championship game against Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The decision was a bizarre one at the time, as Rodgers had the ball and a chance to tie the game up with a touchdown.

And Brady posted the same meme, with the caption: "Aaron Rodgers" across Koepka's face and "The Packers kicking a field goal down 7" across DeChambeau's.

He then finished off his tirade of memes by posting the same image again, this time writing: "Me, Tom Brady, making memes" across DeChambeau's face and "Aaron and Bryson" across Koepka's.

Rodgers' future is still up in the air as the offseason progresses.

The quarterback is believed to have told the Packers prior to the NFL Draft in April that he wanted a move away.

However, the Packers are reluctant to trade the star, who is under contract until 2024.

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