Tomato likeness of NBA legend Larry Bird has America in stitches

Celtics legend Larry Bird is famously credited as being one of the best smack-talkers ever seen in the NBA — now the karma bus has arrived in the form of a ripe tomato.

The 63-year-old hall of famer became a human plaything for the internet on Monday (AEST) when a picture of a warped tomato began spreading across the internet.

Unfortunately for Bird, the similarities were spooky.

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The image of the tomato was first posted on Saturday (AEST) — but as soon as its likeness with Bird was first noticed, the tweet took off.

Soon after the fruit was first declared to be Bird in tomato-form, the 12-time NBA All Star’s name began trending on Twitter in the United States.

The jokes were coming thick and fast.

Larry Bird left himself wide open.Source:Twitter

Nobody is safe in the age of photoshop.

“Larry Bird trending because someone found a tomato that looks like him is a throwback to a simpler time on Twitter,” one fan wrote.

Larry Bird enters the Indiana State Fair largest tomato contest.

Which one of you m***********s is coming in second?

Seriously someone please tell Larry Bird that I'm sorry

Morbidly, there was also a great sense of relief for diehard NBA fans, who feared the worst after seeing Bird’s name trending on Twitter.

Even Larry Bird can’t talk his way out of this one.Source:AP

Bird’s sledging prowess and ability to set up camp inside the noggins of his rivals is legendary — and was again a topic of discussion to emerge from this year’s popular Michael Jordan: The Last Dance documentary.

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A Bird in the hand is worth two in the tomato bush.

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