Wimbledon staff say punters bonkathons in quiet rooms "impossible to police"

Tennis fans have been sneaking off for love action in 'special quiet rooms' set aside for 'reflection’ at Wimbledon.

Two booths boasting armchairs, fold-away tables and 'vacant/engaged’ signs on the doors were installed behind Court 12 as an 'inclusive space’ where spectators can escape the stress of watching the action. But some have used them to indulge in X-rated action of their own – triggering one of Wimbledon’s famous queues outside.

Couples have been seen adjusting their clothing and grinning broadly as they leave. One pair spent 25 minutes inside before a furtive-looking man emerged followed by his partner still pulling up her trousers. Another user heard kissing noises coming from the neighbouring cubicle.

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One Wimbledon worker said the cabins were a 'good thing’ but it was impossible to police what went on inside. "I think it’s supposed to be for people wanting a five-minute break," they said. "I’ve seen elderly people going in there to take a break from the sun, people going in to pray, and mothers who want to breastfeed in private.

"But who knows if people are using it for the – not the Mile High Club – but the Wimbledon High Club. I’m not sure how you would police it to make sure it’s used for the reasons it’s intended."

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Two children were spotted giggling after spending 15 minutes inside listening to the antics next door. One eyewitness said: "This couple disappeared inside, locked the door and they were gone for ages. "I had time to finish two Pimm’s while they were in there. The sign on the door said 'engaged’. "When they came out they were laughing away to themselves. She was in a long-flowing dress and was adjusting it.

"There was no doubt what had been going on – clearly some very serious reflection! Ironically it’s right next to the 'Used Balls’ hut." Another fan said: "I went for a sit down in one of these booths and all I could hear was kissing next door. They were at it."

Tournament chiefs said the Quiet Rooms were an 'important part of our efforts to ensure that Wimbledon is for everyone'.

"This inclusive space is used for a variety of reasons including to support those with additional needs and to support any religious requirements or quiet reflection," they added.


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