Wimbledon stars, 17, had new pants brought on court after being told to change

It's not only the pros who fall foul of Wimbledon's strict dress-code.

In 2017, boys' doubles pair Zsombor Piros and Wu Yibing, both aged 17, had to have new underwear brought on court after having the audacity to turn up wearing black and blue pants. Hungarian star Piros had blue briefs underneath his white shorts, while Chinese ace Wu rocked up in black underwear.

Although their under-crackers weren't obviously visible over the all-white outfit, the garments could apparently be seen through their shorts. And that got up the noses of Wimbledon's strict rule-makers, whose laws state that: "Any undergarments that either are or can be visible during play must also be completely white except for a single trim of colour no wider than one centimetre."

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As a result, SW19 chiefs insisted that both players change their underwear for some all-white pants, kindly provided by the All England Club. In images broadcast on BBC at the time, the players can be seen receiving a talking to by the match umpire before several pairs of fresh, white undergarments are brought out onto the court.

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The players were filmed leaving the arena to change before returning for their match against Mohammed Ali Bellalouna and Joao Reis da Silva. After they chucked their black pants into their bags, the duo got on with the job in hand and secured a 6-4, 6-1 victory – sans their original "lucky" briefs.

"The blue and black shorts were our lucky pants," claimed Piros, who revealed he had worn his more colourful pants during the singles tournament.

"There were no signs to indicate we were supposed to wear white underwear. I only got caught out because a little bit of blue was showing. Some umpires don't say anything. Maybe they prefer not to focus on the underwear."

"They never asked for them back," he added. "If I come back to play here again, I will remember not to wear blue or green."


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