Anthony Joshua wants to set up Louis Theroux vs Piers Morgan fight

Former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua wants to set up a boxing match between journalists Louis Theroux and Piers Morgan.

Joshua knocked out Robert Helenius in August in his most recent bout in his journey to regain the heavyweight belts he lost to Oleksandr Usyk. But the 34-year-old may be about to take a leaf out of his promoter Eddie Hearn’s book.

AJ seemingly fancies himself as a promoter after a clip from Joshua’s interview with Theroux has surfaced where the former heavyweight champion suggested he could set the 53-year-old up with a boxing fight that could be dubbed ‘Battle of the Broadcasters’.

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Joshua shadow boxed at Theroux before replying he would take the reporter in a fight after Theroux threw the challenge at him. But AJ suggested that he could organise a fight for Theroux, saying: “I could actually get you a fight and it will do well. Because you will bring viewers to my broadcasting platform.”

A shout from behind the camera came that Theroux should take on Morgan in the ring, something that both men thought was an intriguing idea. Theroux was confident on making the bout happen, claiming he ‘could take him’, he said: “Piers Morgan, that’s a better matchup. Number one, he’s very famous and I think I could take him.”

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Joshua burst into laughter after Theroux’s fighting talk, but it’s not the first time that a possible face-off has been touted. The Singapore-born personality recently spoke at a Q&A about the show where he addressed the Morgan bout talk.

He said: "He's quite big though, isn't he? It would be stressful having a fight with Piers Morgan. The stressful part is he might even do it. "If I take that seriously, if it was three rounds, no, I don't want to have an actual fight with Piers Morgan. But I will do it if I have to. And that's a promise.”

This could therefore leave the ball in Morgan’s court who may want to come to the table after Theroux questioned whether the 58-year-old’s size could give him an advantage. “Piers is quite big. Sometimes those heavier people who look like they don’t keep themselves trim… it can be misleading,” Theroux said.

The help of Joshua to push both camps could be all we need to set up a ‘Battle of the Broadcasters’, although the pair may have to find their own boxing card as we can’t imagine seeing those two fight alongside Astrid Wett and Elle Brooke on a Misfits card.

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