Boxer’s trainer unloads barrage of punches on triumphant rival after final bell

A boxing match in South Africa spiralled into a chaotic brawl as a trainer stormed into the ring to unleash a barrage of punches on his fighter’s opponent after the final bell.

Coach Michael Sediane leapt into the ring and angrily confronted South African featherweight Jeff Magagne after the final bell rung to signal the end of the bout with Sithembiso Maduna. Following a very quick discussion, Sediane suddenly violently reacted.

After the fight had concluded, Magagne was forced to defend himself from the barrage of punches. Sediane threw a number of left and right hooks, before narrowly missing making contact with a powerful uppercut.

With the national title on the line, the two fighters were clashing for the second time after Maduna had defeated Magagne via split decision in February 2021.

After the bell this time round, Magagne – who put in a dominant display – clearly thought he had won by flexing his muscles in Maduna’s face. He then jumped up onto the ropes in celebration, before he was suddenly confronted by trainer Sediane when he returned to the canvas.

As the chaotic events unfolded, Maduna watched on in shock as his coach went to town on Magagne. It was ultimately for nothing, as Magagne was announced as the winner of the fight via majority decision.

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Boxing South Africa have since launched an investigation into Sediane's actions. The statement read: “The act done by Sediane is contrary to [the] spirit espoused by the Boxing Act and Regulations and has brought the sport into disrepute.

“BSA takes this matter very seriously and it is currently receiving attention and the boxing stakeholders will be informed in due course of the outcome. Boxing is a professional sport and all licensees are expected to act and conduct themselves professionally at all times.

“We will make sure necessary steps are taken. To the public broadcaster, sponsors and other media houses we sincerely apologise for the conduct of one of our licensees.”

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