Boxing news: Mike Tyson announcement, Tyson Fury’s Anthony Joshua warning, BJS on Canelo

Boxing news – Mike Tyson gives update on comeback fight

Former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has revealed he expects to finalise his comeback fight by the end of the week.

“Na, na we got many guys,” he said. “Listen we’ve got so many guys that want to do this man.

“We’re in calls, we’re doing business with guys right now.

“You’re not going to believe the names when the names come out. Sometime this week we’ll have the contract done.

“And whatever money we get, it’s going to somebody else.

“I’m not going to make any money, probably the company, my wife because she’s partners with me, she’ll make some probably. But my money is going.”

Boxing news – Tyson Fury issues Anthony Joshua fight warning

Sometime this week we’ll have the contract done

Mike Tyson on his comeback fight

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has insisted Deontay Wilder can still throw a spanner into the works of his proposed unification fight with Anthony Joshua.

“What happens if I get sparked out by Wilder in the rematch?” Fury asked during an interview with Sky Sports.

“If lockdown finishes and we get a vaccine and the world gets back to normal I can see two fights with Joshua next year.

“Assuming I get past Wilder, which is not a given.”

Boxing news – Billy Joe Saunders discusses Canelo fight

WBO super-middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders is adamant he has the tools to dethrone unified middleweight king Canelo Alvarez.

“I believe I have the tools to beat him,” Saunders said during an appearance on Talk the Talk with Eddie Hearn and Tony Bellew.

“He is an exceptionally great fighter one of the best, but to be the best you have to beat these types of people. He is the cash cow, the big man, everybody in boxing knows him. He is the man I would love to beat.”

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