Boxing sensation Jake Paul takes holiday to spot Mike Tyson was recently seen

Jake Paul has taken a holiday to the same spot Mike Tyson was recently seen during the festive season as he enjoys some time away from boxing.

After knocking out ex-UFC star Tyron Woodley in their rematch earlier this month, Paul has been letting loose over Christmas time.

He celebrated post-fight in Miami before travelling to Puerto Rico with girlfriend Julia Rose where they spent the holidays alongside his older brother Logan.

And now the pair have boarded another private jet to popular celebrity destination St Barth's in the Caribbean where Iron Mike was pictured relaxing just a week prior.

The island is covered with white-sand beaches and designer shops and is described as a place for 'luxury travellers'.

Tyson was enjoying some down time with wife Lakiha Spencer and their 13-year-old daughter Milan, making the most of the near 30 degrees Celsius temperatures.

Paul, meanwhile, has been enjoying a more party-orientated trip as he celebrates Rose's birthday with her and their friends.

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It is the 24-year-old YouTuber's first holiday with no work involved for six years after he took his professional record to 5-0.

According to The Mirror, Paul will not return to the ring until July 2022, taking as long as seven months away from the sport.

He may be counting his lucky stars that he hasn't crossed paths with Tyson in the Caribbean after he repeatedly called him out for a fight.

He named him on a four-man wish list of future opponents in his media duties before facing Woodley for the second time.

And then after the bout he tweeted out a five-man bucket list which once again featured Tyson's name.

The legendary heavyweight is eyeing his own return to ring for early 2022, but an exhibition contest with Paul down the line isn't out of the question.

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