Chris Eubank Jr ‘suffers vile homophobic abuse’ from fan after Liam Smith defeat

Chris Eubank Jr suffered a devastating loss at the hands of Liam Smith on Saturday night, before reportedly being subjected to vile abuse afterwards.

According to talkSPORT, one of the fans in attendance at Manchester’s AO Arena climbed over the security fencing to access the media area at ringside. The spectator proceeded to repeatedly called Eubank Jr a ‘p**f’ and ‘c***’, before leaving and was then escorted out of the building by security.

Former boxing champion Spencer Oliver and talkSPORT executive producer Sarah Collins witnessed the incident and gave their account of what transpired. “He was stood to my right in our broadcast area, trying to get as close to the ring as possible,” Collins recalled. "It was a torrent of abuse. It got worse as Eubank Jr left the ring. He called him a ‘f****** p**f and a c***’, before turning on the talkSPORT team. A sour end to a perfectly run night of boxing.”

The publication was informed that staff at the venue are currently reviewing the isolated incident. The horrific remarks came following homophobic slurs and cheating allegations during Eubank Jr and Smith's pre-fight press conference, which Sky Sports were forced to apologise over.

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“You slid into my DMs. I’m used to seeing girls in my DMs, I’m not used to seeing guys,” Eubank Jr joked. Smith then exclaimed: "You go on about girls, has anybody in this room ever seen you with a girl? You got something to tell us? You are 33 and you said on the programme you want kids.

"This is for no laughs I am just asking, do you want to tell us something? You are putting up pictures with Neymar in limousines. No-one in this room has seen you with a woman. If you are happy just tell us; it isn't a dig. You have to have a woman to have a kid."

Eubank Jr hit back: "Listen, my private life is my private life. That is irrelevant to the boxing but I am happy and comfortable. What would you like to know Liam? If you want to get personal, talking about being gay? I've been told you cheat on your wife. I'd rather be gay than a cheat. If you would like to ask me a question just slide into my DMs."

Eubank Jr will wait before making a decision on whether to activate a rematch clause to face Liam Smith again, according to his promoter.

Kalle Sauerland, Wasserman's head of global boxing, revealed that Eubank Jr has to make a decision over the possible rematch, but insisted that there is 'a score to be settled'.

"We obviously have that rematch clause, but we'll let the dust settle," Sauerland told Sky Sports. "We've got a few weeks to activate that. We'll take an internal discussion, see what the best way forward is for Jr and go from there.

"For sure, that score obviously needs to be settled, but take nothing away from Beefy, it was a fantastic victory for him and congratulations to him and the whole Smith family."


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