Chris Weidman BREAKS HIS LEG while kicking UFC 261 opponent Uriah Hall

Chris Weidman BREAKS HIS LEG while kicking UFC 261 opponent Uriah Hall in middleweight contest as Nate Diaz and Michael Bisping react to one of the worst injuries in MMA history with fight waved off after 17 SECONDS

  • Chris Weidman opened his middleweight fight with Uriah Hall with a leg kick
  • The American’s leg suddenly snapped upon impact in a brutal MMA injury
  • Hall was declared the winner and UFC legends past and present were stunned
  • Nate Diaz said the incident was ‘f***ed up’ while Michael Bisping was speechless 

American middleweight Chris Weidman suffered one of the worst injuries in MMA history as he broke his leg 17 seconds into his fight at UFC 261.

Weidman looked to land an early blow in round one against Uriah Hall and elected to connect with a right leg kick, countered in defence by Hall’s left leg.

But disaster struck instantly when Weidman’s own leg snapped on impact and the fight was immediately waved off as he lay on the canvas of the octagon with a broken leg.

Chris Weidman (right) broke his leg on his first leg kick against Uriah Hall (left) at UFC 261

The American was stretched away from the octagon in tears after the devastating defeat

Medical staff were immediately concerned and Weidman was stretched out of the octagon as fans and fight victor Hall watched on in disbelief at the horror injury.

The 15,000 fans, who were in attendance for the first time since the pandemic broke out, winced as replays were shown and they were keen to applaud Weidman as he was taken away to an ambulance.

Hall was so shaken from the brutal nature of how the fight ended he struggled to gather himself for the post-fight interview. 

‘I’ve got nothing but respect for Chris Weidman,’ Hall said after the fight. ‘

Hall was speechless as he became the first UFC fighter to win without throwing a single strike

He’s truly one of the best. It is a crazy story that he was the first man I fought that defeated me, that introduced me to fear. 

‘I wanted to put on a great performance. I feel so bad for him. I hope he’s OK. I wish the family well. It’s the sucky part of this sport… I hope he recovers.’ 

Hall’s win saw him make history as the first fighter in UFC history to win without a single strike being thrown.

Weidman’s injury quickly became the big talking point across the sport for UFC legends past and present.

Welterweight supremo Nate Diaz said the injury was ‘f***ed up’ while now-retired fighter Michael Bisping revealed he and his wife were in disbelief.

Retired UFC fighter Michael Bisping was one of many in disbelief at Weidman’s leg break

‘My wife and I screamed so loud on the replay that the dogs are going mental,’ Bisping tweeted.

Fans were quick to point to the symmetry in the situation with Weidman on the other side of this situation with Anderson Silva in 2013.

In Weidman’s first middleweight title defence, the American blocked a leg kick from Silva and the UFC legend’s left leg crumbled upon impact.

Silva was sidelined for more than a year and Weidman faces a similar lengthy road to recovery.  

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