Conor McGregor calls for Irish military to enforce lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor has urged the Irish government to deploy the country’s military to ensure people remain at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, the Irish government issued a message telling the country’s citizens to remain at home for two weeks, with the exception of those whose work is essential. People were also told they would be allowed to go out to buy food when necessary.

McGregor, however, said Ireland could not take a chance on people potentially disobeying the instructions.

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“I urge our government to utilise our defence forces,” McGregor, 31, said in a video on his Facebook page.

“Our defence forces have been mentioned as a possibility in assisting our 15,000 available Gardai [police], but only if necessary. However, it is necessary.

“We cannot go by chance here. Any less than full adherence to these newly put forth methods by any member of our society will not only be a mockery to what we are attempting to do, it would put the rest of our great nation in danger.

“Our airports must shut,” said McGregor, who added that exceptions should be made for flights carrying “essential medical equipment” or bringing “our medical staff abroad home to support us”.

He urged Irish people who are currently abroad to remain in those countries, saying: “You are doing your country an incredible deed by staying put.”

McGregor also emphasised the importance of maintaining fitness from home during the lockdown.

“We must encourage home workouts and healthy immune-boosting nutritional plans,” he said.

“We need meal plans and the necessary vitamins we should be taking to boost our immune systems.”

Earlier this week, McGregor said he would donate €1 million to hospitals in Ireland to aid their battle against Covid-19.

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