Conor McGregor criticised for filming himself demanding butler brings him water

Conor McGregor has been criticised after he filmed himself using a butler to fetch him a bottle of water.

The UFC star is usually active on social media and often gets very vocal about his rivals, sometimes crossing the line with his digs and insults.

His latest online controversy has come in the form of a video where he is seen in a swanky hotel.

The 54 second-long clip starts off strange as McGregor appears to breathe in the fumes from a bowl of incense.

It then takes a turn as a member of staff brings himself some pills to take.

McGregor asks "water as well please" which the butler opens before handing it to the former double-champion.

He drinks from the bottle before holding it up in the air in anticipation of the butler coming to collect it and says "thank you" as he does.

The Irishman then returns to holding the incense to his face as the video ends.

After further social media posts, including one where Nate Diaz's face was put over the butler's, fans condemned McGregor's actions.

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"A butler? Why?," asked one. "All the money in the world i would never have one."

Another declared: "This is not ok. That's not how you should treat people man."

"How can a man from a modest background show such a disrespectful disregard for others? Shame on ya," commented one follower.

A fourth added: "Someone has forgot where they came from. All that money has turned you sour."

McGregor has openly spoke about the hard times he and his family endured prior to his majorly successful MMA career.

He has gone from being on the dole to the richest sportsman in the world last year.

Having been out of action since July 2021 he is currently gearing up for a return to the Octagon in the summer.

He is also exploring the possibility of buying Chelsea after Roman Abramovich put the football club up for sale.

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