Conor McGregor donates £21k to Irishman battling cancer in latest good deed

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has made a substantial donation to the GoFundMe page of a young Irishman who is battling cancer.

Stephen Burke is suffering from a rare form of the disease, known as squamous cell carcinoma, with fund organisers Michelle Taylor and Kayleigh Glynn setting out to raise £43,000.

That total has been smashed, down in no small part to McGregor, who has donated just over £21,000 to the 26-year-old’s cause.

He has already had two serious operations, but further treatments and options are only available abroad, with the page being set up to raise money to fund them.

McGregor’s donation has gone a long way to helping fund those treatments, which in a message on the page, Stephen described as “crucial”.

“I'm 26 years old and in March I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, squamous cell carcinoma,” he wrote.

“I've had two big operations so far and possibly more ahead but now the options are pretty limited here.

“Some of the treatments I'm looking into unfortunately aren't in this country, they are in Italy, Spain, the U.K and Holland.”

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Stephen has since thanked all those who have donated, with more than £46,000 having been raised for his treatment.

“I know I've said it a few times already but thanks so much to everyone. The extra strength and kick it has given me seeing this support – I can't put it into words,” he wrote in a message on Instagram.

This is just the latest in an increasing line of good deeds made by McGregor, who has ditched his bad-boy image over the past year.

In April 2020, the Irishman funded the development of eight housing units for homeless families in his home town of Dublin.

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One month later, he personally delivered Personal Protective Equipment to medics battling the Covid-19 pandemic, having £1million worth of equipment.

At the end of the year, he then stepped in to save a martial arts gym in County Laois in Ireland from closing down.

He started 2021 in the same vein, donating £4,5000 to buy medical equipment for a woman who suffers from locked-in syndrome.

The UFC star has also launched a clothing range to help raise money for the Children’s Health Foundation in Crumlin, Northern Ireland.

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