Conor McGregor hits out at arch rival Nate Diaz

‘Shut your eyelid and sign the contract’: Conor McGregor hits out at arch rival Nate Diaz as UFC star hints that highly-anticipated trilogy bout could be on the horizon

  • Conor McGregor has hit out at arch rival Nate Diaz ahead of a possible third bout 
  • The Irish star and Diaz have shared the octagon twice in enthralling contests 
  • Diaz, 35, had told McGregor to ‘shut his b**** a** up’ on Instagram
  • McGregor responded in typical fashion, before hinting at a trilogy fight 

Conor McGregor has hit out at arch rival Nate Diaz as the Irish superstar hinted that a third fight between the pair could be on the horizon. 

The former lightweight and featherweight champion has shared the octagon with the loud-mouth Stockton Slugger on two occasions, both in 2016, with each emerging with victories of their own.

McGregor, 31, has long insisted that he will face Diaz for a third and final time to settle the trilogy, with fans and pundits eager to see the pair battle it out once again. 

Conor McGregor has hit out at Nate Diaz before hinting that a third bout is on the horizon

McGregor, 31, and Diaz, 35, shared the octagon twice in 2016, each enthralling battles

And McGregor has thrown down the gauntlet to the 35-year-old on Instagram, after the American slammed his rival on a post shared by UFC president Dana White.

White had shared a tweet from McGregor supporting the controversial UFC 249 event, which read: ‘Wishing all my fighting colleagues good health as they put on tonight’s show for us! 

‘#UFC249 on ESPN+ Good luck and God speed men and women. From the competitors to the cleaners. Thank you all. Also Prayers up for Jacare Souza and team in making a full recovery.’

To this, Diaz simply replied: ‘Shut your b**** a** up’. 

Diaz told McGregor to ‘shut up’ before the Irish star fired back at his arch nemesis on Instagram

McGregor’s eye remark was a jibe at Diaz’s last bout, where an eye cut saw him lose to Masvidal

McGregor responded with: ‘Shut your eyelid and sign the contract’, in reference to the swelling around the eye that resulted in Diaz’s last bout with Jorge Masvidal to be called off. 

The 31-year-old also revealed that a contract appears to be on the table for a third fight to eventuate between himself and Diaz. Fans were engrossed in the slugging trades between the pair in the first two bouts, as well as the constant verbal exchanges.

Should the fight take place behind-closed-doors, fans will be able to hear every word said between the pair in the octagon.  

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