Conor McGregor told he deserves a "standing ovation" despite Dustin Poirier loss

Conor McGregor has been lauded by UFC lightweight Charles Oliveira who believes the Irishman deserves a standing ovation.

Oliveira was ringside for the UFC 264 trilogy clash between McGregor and American Dustin Poirier, with the fight effectively a final eliminator to decide the contender for his lightweight world title later in the year.

However, the Brazilian revealed he was not 'happy' to see the fight stopped early due to the broken ankle injury McGregor suffered, and believes that the 33-year-old should not be mocked after his latest defeat.

“He (Conor) deserves a standing ovation. I don’t like the way he sells his fights, the way he talks, as an athlete, though, he’s a giant,'" Oliveira told Super Lutas.

"He puts money into the pockets of lots of people, everyone wants to fight him, because they know they’ll make money.

"Unfortunately, losing the way he lost, he’s going to be sidelined, I’m sure he’s fighting Dustin again when he’s ready. He has my respect.”

McGregor has now been suspended from action due to his surgery on the injury, and his recovery could see him out until the new year leaving the path cleared for Oliveira to now face Poirier to defend his lightweight title.

Oliveira defeated Michael Chandler in his last outing with a 17th record-breaking finish, and predicted before the fight that he could inflict defeat on either fighter in any potential future bout.

They are two huge names in the sport. Everyone knows a fight with McGregor involves a lot of money," he told AgFight.

"Poirier, not so much, but they’re both great opponents. I’ll be ready. I believe in my jiu-jitsu against any of them.

"But something tells me that if I were to fight them, I would knock them both out. I feel good.”

McGregor's future appears to still be in fighting as he resoundingly called for Poirier in a fourth fight, but the former UFC lightweight double-champion has also been linked with a mega-money boxing fight with YouTube star Jake Paul.

And Oliveira was quick to point out the financial benefits of fighting against one of the sport's biggest names in the Octagon before the trilogy fight took place, but insisted his focus would be the same on any ranked opponent he could face.

"Anyone that fights Conor [gets] more money in the end, but I’ve never fought in the UFC thinking about money," he admitted.

"I’ve always thought about fighting and making things happen and I won’t change my head now. To me, whoever comes [to fight me], great.

"If Conor comes, everybody knows it’s going to be a great fight and a lot of money coming in. If Dustin comes, it’s also a great fight and good money coming in — not as much money, but also good money. It makes no difference to me."

Oliveira is not the only Brazilian to call out McGregor since his defeat, with Rafael Dos Anjos also predicting that he would 'smash' him in a long-awaited clash between the pair.

At the end of UFC 264, McGregor launched a fiery verbal attack on Poirier which his long-term girlfriend Dee Devlin responded to with a positive post about the star's birthday.

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