Conor McGregor was close to tears after Dustin Poirier loss in unseen footage

Previously unseen footage from Conor McGregor's recent fight with Dustin Poirier shows the Irishman in a very different light.

The two men battled it out at UFC 257, with Poirier coming out on top to level the score between the fighters and prompt a trilogy.

McGregor limped out of the clash after being stopped in the second-round, suffering damage to his calf.

And in new footage, the 'Notorious' can be seen fighting back tears once he gets back to his dressing room.

McGregor looks distraught at the fact he lost the bout – and in serious pain as he puts an ice block on his outstretched leg.

His partner, Dee, can be seen helping him up as Poirier's partner comes into their room to give her well wishes.

Speaking after the bout, McGregor admitted he was sore and suffering with his leg injuries.

But despite being somewhat humbled in the last fight, the 32-year-old has been back to his usual self in the build-up to this fight.

"Another feather to the cap," McGregor said when asked what a trilogy win would mean this week.

"It's what I love to do. I love to come in here, defy the odds, do the unthinkable and put on a show.

"I was born and bred to do this. You can even go back in time my name my family name, we're bred on the battlefield.

"Swinging pick axes on the back of a horse. That's where the McGregor name comes from.

"We're from the Scottish Highlands. We're warriors, its all I know its all we know."

Poirier, however, isn't convinced that the McGregor of old is still there after his recent losses.

"For me, the aura is not there anymore," Poirier said.

"Very dangerous fighter sitting right here, for sure. No doubt. But I see a man. You guys in the crowd, cheer it up — have fun.

"But I see a man sitting here in front of me that I have defeated and I know I can defeat again."

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