Dana White admits stripping Oliveira of UFC title is a 'NIGHTMARE'

Dana White admits stripping Charles Oliveira of UFC title for missing weight is a ‘NIGHTMARE’ and reveals security guard will be in room with scales at future events to avoid repeating fiasco

  • Charles Oliveira missed weight by half-a-pound and was stripped of his title
  • He is technically only considered No 1 contender after beating Justin Gaethje
  • Dana White has explained what he thinks happened for Oliveira to miss the mark
  • He thinks other fighters altered scales and settings confused the Brazilian 

Dana White has admitted the weight-cutting fiasco that led to Charles Oliveira being stripped of his title is a ‘nightmare’. 

Oliveira thought he was on weight the night before having to hit the 155-pound mark  but blamed an innacurate UFC scale on coming in half-a-pound-over. 

The Brazilian managed to defeat Justin Gaethje with a stunning first-round submission at UFC 274 but is now technically only the No 1 contender. 

Dana White told Charles Oliveira that he is the No 1 contender now rather than champion 

In his post-fight press conference, Dana White said: ‘It’s a nightmare. It is a nightmare. We were just talking about it in the back. 

‘We have this issue where guys come out and check the scale the night before. Guys from Europe and other parts of the world do kilos, so start f****** with the scales. 

‘Who knows? There’s so many moving parts to this beast of a machine that we run. 

‘We have to have a security guard with the scalers now. Listen, Oliveira is the guy but he didn’t make weight and we have rules.’

Oliveira missed weight and was stripped of his title before the UFC 274 main event 

He submitted Justin Gaethje in the first round of their fight at UFC 274 in Arizona 

Oliveira looked immediately confused at the weigh-ins because he thought he was already on weight having used the other scales a night before. 

He has missed weight on numerous occasions before but this time it seems he has legitimate grounds for complaint.  

Regardless, the UFC president was impressed by what he saw from Oliveira and confirmed that his next fight will definitely give him the chance to reclaim the title. 

He went on: ‘I’m sure in the minds of the media and fight fans, Oliveira is the champion, technically he’s the No 1 contender. But whatever the next title fight is, he is one half of it. 

‘The fight was what we expected. Two seriously bad dudes going after it and Oliveira proved tonight that he’s the best, he really is.’

Oliveira’s next fight will give him the chance to win back his old belt if he makes weight

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