David Haye’s warning to Joe Fournier as "boozy" challenge leads to boxing return

A comeback is on the cards as Former Unified World Cruiserweight and WBA Heavyweight Champion David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye is gearing up to take on close friend and former WBA light heavyweight International Champion Joe “The Billionaire” Fournier.

The pair are long-time friends and have trained together, fought on the same cards and even taken holiday's together, Haye even took on the role of Fournier's manager for a period of his career.

The idea to take each other on inside the ring actually came while the duo were sunning themselves on vacation.

Haye explains: "This whole fight between us, came into existence when at dinner with a group in Mykonos we were asked who would win in a fight between us.

"I laughed, but out of respect for Joe’s ego suggested it would be close, maybe a draw – whist winking to Joe. Joe’s straight faced response was very different, he was deadly serious stating he would win in a fight today – I assumed it was just the tequila talking.

"And that’s exactly where is started. A boozy night in Mykonos, two alpha-males peacocking with a crowd of girls.

"Fast forward two weeks, I remain happily retired from boxing, with no intentions to make a traditional comeback to challenge the monsters of the division, but am fit and ready to prove my point against my over confident billionaire buddy."

Haye admitted that this clash has come about as a result of the pair being drunk and wanting to prove themselves, revealing: "This fight is the ultimate battle of egos, the outcome of some drunken bar banter.

"Now I have to teach some manners to a dear (but delusional) friend of mine Joe Fournier.

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"A reminder to Joe that his best boxing achievement is being ranked No.10 in the world by the WBA whilst holding the WBA international belt at Light-heavyweight, 5 years ago."

Haye went on to confirm that the bout would be televised via a pay-per-view system with streaming giants Triller, claiming that the platform presented him with an offer too good to refuse.

The 40-year-old also announced where the fight would take place, the pair meeting in the ring inside the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

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