Deontay Wilder criticises ‘weak individual’ he sacked ahead of Tyson Fury bout

Deontay Wilder his reiterated his claim the towel should not have been thrown in during his second bout with Tyson Fury ahead of their third fight.

In their first bout, Fury dramatically rose from the brink to pull himself from the canvas and secure a draw with Wilder. In their second bout, the 33-year-old defeated the American thanks to an eighth-round TKO, and that clash in February 2020 was the last time either man officially fought.

One of Wilder's then-coaches, Mark Breland, threw in the towel during that fight and was sacked soon after, with Wilder heavily criticising him.

Wilder is preparing to fight Fury on October 9 and the Bronze Bomber will be without the member of his team who threw in the towel during the second bout – and he’s confident the result will be different this weekend.

“Even on my worst night, on [Fury’s] best night, he still couldn’t get me out of there,” Wilder told BT Sport. “People would try to label it as a knockout but that’s not a knockout.

“No, that’s a stoppage because of a weak individual in my team that did something he wasn’t supposed to do and that’s throw in the towel.

“I ended the fight on my feet. It’s a difference between the knockout and someone ending it on their feet, you know. I’m just looking forward to this time around and I can’t wait again.”

Gunning for a win, the American is confident there will be a knockout this weekend and cannot envisage a scenario where the bout goes the distance, such as in Oleksandr Usyk’s dominant win over Anthony Joshua.

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“It’s not going to go the distance at all. I can’t see this fight going the distance,” he insisted.

“Look, at the end of the day we want it way more than him, and I know for a fact he hasn’t trained as hard as I’ve trained. He doesn’t want it as bad as I’ve wanted it and for this reason I cannot see this fight going long distance.

“This is the heavyweight division, and when people come out to see the heavyweight division they come to see knockouts, and they know when they come out to see Deontay Wilder, they are going to get just that.

“I’m going to deliver. I can’t wait."

A deal between Fury and British rival Joshua was supposedly close to being struck earlier this year in a highly-anticipated fight to unify the division and crown the undisputed champion of the world as the compatriots held all four heavyweight belts.

However, complications arose when Wilder triggered a clause forcing the American to fight Fury for the third time in their epic saga while Joshua lost to Oleksandr Usyk last month.

Wilder also sent a message to British boxing fans ahead of the bout in Las Vegas: “Stay tuned. You’ll see exactly what I’m going to do come October 9th.”

Fury defends his WBC title against Wilder in the third instalment of their grudge trilogy on October 9.

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