Dillon Danis PULLS OUT of his grudge match with KSI

KSI’s manager confirms Dillon Danis has PULLED OUT of their grudge match as he doesn’t have a coach and was struggling to make weight… but the YouTube star insists he will still be fighting on January 14 against a replacement opponent

  • KSI and Dillon Danis were due to fight at Wembley Arena on January 14
  • However, KSI’s manager has revealed that Danis has pulled out of the fight
  • He has claimed Danis was struggling to make weight and didn’t have a coach
  • KSI is still adamant that he will be fighting a replacement opponent  

Dillon Danis has pulled out of his fight with KSI on January 14, according to KSI’s manager Mams Taylor.

Danis, who has largely made his name in MMA and has previously been in Conor McGregor’s corner, was set to face KSI in a boxing match at Wembley Arena later this month.

However, Taylor has claimed he has been informed that Danis no longer plans to get in the ring with his client as he is not ready to compete. 

Dillon Danis (pictured) has pulled out of his scheduled fight with YouTube star KSI

Danis was due to take on KSI (pictured) at Wembley Arena on January 14

KSI’s manager Mams Taylor has claimed Danis is no longer fighting as he does not have a coach and was struggling to make weight

‘I got a phone call saying that Dillon is pulling out of the fight,’ Taylor told Misfits Boxing’s YouTube channel.

‘The real reason from what they [his team] said to me is he’s under-prepared, has no coach, might be struggling with weight even though there’s no rehydration, he has not been able to find a team and he’s got other issues.’

KSI and Danis’s beef started in November when Danis slapped the YouTube star in the face at a Misfits weigh-in.

They quickly arranged to settle their differences in the ring, but Danis did not show up to last month’s press conference in London.

This may have left some wondering whether Danis would turn up on fight night either, but Taylor has admitted he did not expect that to be a problem, and he is surprised that Danis has pulled out. 

‘For someone who cares about his reputation as much as he does or what people think of him, I didn’t think that this (Danis pulling out) would be something, despite many people thinking that this would be the opposite that “look, he’s not going to show up to the fight”. They were right,’ Taylor added.

KSI has insisted that he will still be fighting on January 14 against a replacement opponent

Danis’ pull-out leaves KSI without an opponent with just 10 days to go until he is due to fight.

However, he has proven in the recent past that he can think outside the box, having fought two opponents in one night in August.

He beat British rapper Swarmz inside two rounds, and then stopped boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda in the third round in his second fight of the night.

KSI is adamant that he will still be fighting someone on January 14, even though it will no longer be Danis.

‘The show must go on. I’m still fighting January 14th,’ KSI tweeted on Wednesday afternoon.

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