Dustin Poirier’s 27 tattoos and what each means amid Conor McGregor rematch

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Dustin Poirier has revealed the stories behind his tattoos ahead of his fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 257 this weekend.

Poirier's ripped physique is covered in body art – and much of it has deep, personal meaning.

The 32-year-old has four women's names inked onto his body – those of his mum, wife and daughter and grandmother.

He also has a tattoo of the date he married his wife Jolie, a Japanese tattoo meaning 'the way of warriors', and numerous inks reflecting his religious faith.

The UFC star was inked for the first time aged 14, and all his tattoos have been done in his home town of Lafayette, Lousiana – with the exception of his daughter's name, which he had done in Florida.

In an interview with GQ, Poirier said: "My grandfather was in the Navy, he was a rougher gentleman and his chest and his legs were covered in tattoos.

"The first tattoo I got was when I was 14 years old. And it was a D on my shoulder with some flames on it and some dice.

"I'm not even sure why the dice and flames – maybe just being 14 years old.

"There came a point where I kept getting these street tattoos done over a few years and my mum told me to stop.

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"She said she'd sign a consent to go to a real tattoo shop and do it legally with a real artist and you won't get a blood disease."

He insist he never planned to be covered in body art, saying: "It was just in the moment. That week it just came to me 'I'm going to get another tattoo' and just did it.

"Every tattoo, I can remember what was going on in my life at the time."

Here, Daily Star Sport looks at all 27 of Poirier's tattoos and what they mean, as described by Body Art Guru.

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1. Parker Noelle

Pride of place on Poirier's right pec is the name of his daughter, Parker Noelle – who was born in August 2016.

Poirier said: "I have four women's names tattooed on me because I was raised by women so that's very powerful."

2. Tiger stripes

Covering Poirier's left pec is a tiger-stripe pattern, overlaid with Japanese writing saying 'bushido' – 'the way of warriors'.

He said: "I think i have always been a fighter and a warrior. I did not choose this, it kind of just happened, and I love this life.”

3. Rose and falling petals

On the shoulder of his right arm, Poirier has a tattoo of a huge red rose with coloured rose petals falling from it.

4. Black bands on right upper arm

Black bands around Poirier's right bicep are a cover-up to a previous tattoo which read '337'.

Poirier said: "It was my area code and I thought it was done very bad.”

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5. Stars and fire

Covering most of Poirier's right arm are stars highlighted by orange-red fire – representing the fighter's relationship with God.

6. Phoenix

A phoenix on Poirier's inner right bicep represents rebirth – as a reminder to come back stronger from setbacks.

7. Jesus

Poirier has the name of Jesus inked on his right forearm to reflect his dedication to Christianity.

8. Portrait of Jesus

A portrait of Jesus Christ on the cross is another sign of his religious beliefs.

9. Glenda

Inked on his right wrist, Glenda is the name of his grandmother, who brought Poirier up.

10. Deann

This is Poirier's mum's name, and is inked on the centre of his right arm.

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11. Japanese mask

On the inner side of Poirier's right arm is a large Japanese mask which again appears to refer to a warrior spirit.

12 and 13. Diamonds

Diamonds on both Poirier's wrists represent beauty and wealth – as well as the commitment between husband and wife.

14. Louisiana tiger

The tiger surrounded by flowers on Poirier's left shoulder is a symbol of strength and independence.

15. Magnolia Flower

The Magnolia Flower on his left bicep is a symbol of peace and harmony and is also the state flower of Louisiana, where Poirier was raised.

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16. Mary's portrait

On Poirier's left forearm, the portrait of Mary with sun rays behind her is another symbol of his religious devotion.

17. 'Blood Bought Paid in full'

This is inscribed on Poirier's left forearm, and is again a nod to his Christian faith, referring to the crucifixion.

18. Chinese letters

Poirier has Chinese letters inked on his left forearm – but he has kept the significance of them to himself.

19. Tribal design

A tribal design on Poirier's left bicep forms part of the background for his tiger tattoo.

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20. Red flowers

Red flowers also adorn his left arm, again forming part of the overall image of the tiger.

21. Spiderweb

A spiderweb on Poirier's left elbow is a symbol of being trapped or imprisoned – or maybe it just looks cool.

22. Inspire

The word 'Inspire' on Poirier's right hand is a continuous reminder for him to be an inspiration for himself as well as others.

23. Crown

A crown on Poirier's right hand could represent power – but Poirier says: "I dunno why, I thought it was cool.”

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24. Fleur-de-lis

The fleur-de-lis covering most of Poirier's left hand is the symbol of the French Royal Arms in Louisiana. It is also considered the symbol of peace and purification, and can represent a person’s conversion into Christianity.

25. Roman Numerals

On Poirier's left hand, the Roman Numerals 'IX IV MMIX' represent September 4, 2009, the date of his marriage to wife Jolie – who has the same tattoo on her neck.

26. Faith

The word 'Faith', next to Poirier's fleur-de-lis, is another religious reference.

27. Cross

A huge cross on Poirier's right thigh covers up a street tattoo that went wronger when Poirier was younger – although it could be interpreted as another religious reference.

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