Ebanie Bridges admits "a lot of haters can’t get past the boobs" in post to fan

She might hold a boxing world title, but Ebanie Bridges still reckons her haters can't see past her boobs.

Bridges defeated Maria Cecilia Roman to become the IBF bantamweight champion last month, winning with a unanimous decision on the judges' scorecards. The Blonde Bomber, 35, has been one of the biggest names in women's boxing for some time, but only now are some fans finally starting to recognise her ability.

The Australian fighter is popular in the UK thanks to her performances in the ring and her fun-loving nature outside of it, with her fans particularly enjoying her lingerie antics at pre-fight weigh-ins. For all her incredible looks, sometimes the qualities of Bridges as a boxer get overlooked, a fact she alluded to on Twitter.

After posting a video over her win over Argentine opponent Roman in Leeds, one of her followers said: "Was completely wrong about Ebanie Bridges, far better than I thought she was."

Bridges quote tweeted the message and replied: "You musta been distracted by my boobs and couldn’t see the skill. Don’t worry your not alone, lots of haters out there can’t get past the boobs… Glad you can see you was wrong."

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It's not the first time Bridges has addressed the haters who refused to believe in her boxing abilities. After the bell in her fight against Roman, she told DAZN: "Can I f***ing fight or not? F*** you guys who think I can't fight.

"I can f***ing fight. I can box, I can fight, and I can look hot on the scales so hopefully, I've proved a lot of doubters wrong. I feel proud of myself, and I feel extremely happy because it means everything I have sacrificed and all the work I've done has been worth it.

"This belt represents everything; all the heartbreaks, the sacrifice and all the training so I'm happy. She was a tough champion and she brought it so that meant I could do the stuff I love to do."

After that performance, the remaining haters should have been left in little doubt that Bridges, who is now 8-1 as a professional, can indeed fight.

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