Ebanie Bridges ‘banned’ from Twitter after donning risque lingerie at weigh-in

Ebanie Bridges has revealed she was banned on Twitter following her jaw-dropping weigh-in on Friday afternoon.

The Blonde Bomber took to Instagram to explain her absence from Twitter, she said: "Been locked out of my Twitter since weigh-in night… It's killing me! I've tried everything possible, but now it's up to Twitter support.

"Hopefully, Elon Musk can get me back in it. The tweets I could have been making over the weekend!" Bridges' rivalry with Shannon O'Connell finally came to a head over the weekend after their war of words in recent months.

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Bridges had been active on the social media platform on Friday, firstly sharing a link to her new OnlyFans page before making some jokes about the weigh-in.

The Blonde Bomber had been left fuming when O'Connell labelled her a "skanky stripper" in the lead-up to the bout. And Bridges responded with constant taunts to her compatriot by launching an OnlyFans and donning some see-through lingerie.

However, when it came time to step into the ring, Bridges outclassed the Australian in a dominant bout that forced the referee to step in and save O'Connell from any further punishment.

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After the bout, bridges said: "You know what not bad for a skanky stripper. I like tough fights and I am a world champion. She came to fight but I am better, I am not usually disrespectful but she was so horrible.

"Not that badly hurt, I came back and this is boxing we are going to hit hard. I got the win so I am very satisfied. I hope Australia is proud and you know who is the queen of Australian boxing.

"This was the night I wanted. Winning a world title is easy and keeping it is the hard part. I haven’t fought for nine months. Thank you guys and to everyone has supported me. Team skanky stripper forever."


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