Ebanie Bridges likes getting her hair pulled as star makes saucy admission

Ebanie Bridges has joked she normally loves getting her hair pulled after posting a self-defence video on her Instagram page.

Bridges had posted a video on self-defence, and what women should do if an attacker grabs their ponytail. And alongside a helpful message, the Blonde Bomber couldn't help but make a saucy admission with a cheeky comment.

The Australian said: "This woman really knows her s***, not even me the Blonde Bomber could pull this SeLf dEfeNsE mOvE off give this girl a Medal! Tbf I usually like getting my hair pulled… but @olima_omega this surprise attack was uncalled for."

Bridges, who recently won a boxing world title, has earned fame for lingerie-clad weigh-ins, but she's added she doesn't use 'sex to sell'.

In an interview last month, Bridges said: “I’m not using sex to sell, I’m just using myself, and if I’m sexy then f*** it.

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“It’s ok to be a woman in boxing, we don’t have to be masculine. It’s great to see the girls now wearing make-up and dressing up. I’m breaking down the stereotypes of female boxing.”

Bridges claimed her first world title – at the second time of asking – when she beat Maria Cecilia Roman in her adopted city of Leeds in March.

After winning the belt, Bridges admitted: "This belt represents all the sacrifice and all the training so I'm happy.

"She was a tough champion and she brought it so that meant I could do the stuff I love to do."

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