Eddie Hearn warns that YouTube boxing fights may 'KILL' the sport

Eddie Hearn warns that YouTube boxing fights may ‘KILL’ the sport and admits he ‘never felt comfortable’ getting involved in divisive scene… as Matchroom chief calls for calm after Jake Paul claimed he will fight Canelo Alvarez for world title

  • Jake and Logan Paul have made waves in boxing after stepping into the ring
  • The fights involving YouTubers and influencers have endured a mixed reception 
  • Bullish Jake, 24, said he would eventually fight Canelo Alvarez for world titles 
  • Matchroom chief Eddie Hearn has urged for calm and delivered a stark warning
  • In an interview, Hearn said that the YouTube bouts may eventually ‘kill’ boxing 

Eddie Hearn has suggested that the spate of boxing fights involving YouTube stars and social media big names may ‘kill’ the sport, in the wake of Logan and Jake Paul stepping into the ring to heavy criticism.

The controversial Jake, the younger of the two siblings, recently insisted that he will be vying for world title belts against Canelo Alvarez within five years – and he remains unbeaten professionally. 

Matchroom supremo Hearn has revealed himself to be a ‘hardcore fight fan’, however, and would rather see superstars collide with straps on the line than the bouts involving influencers.

Eddie Hearn has suggested that boxing fights involving YouTube stars could ‘kill’ the sport

Jake Paul, the younger sibling of Logan, claimed he will eventually be vying for world title belts

When quizzed on Paul’s comments on contending alongside Canelo, who is widely tipped as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Hearn was quick to play down the YouTube scene and issued his stark warning. 

‘Listen, I like Jake Paul. What he’s doing is fun,’ Hearn told Little Giant Boxing. ‘He’s making noise. I was very vocal that the (Floyd) Mayweather-Logan Paul fight was a joke, it was a disaster. 

‘But Jake Paul against these guys, like Woodley, I don’t mind it. He’s training hard, he’s working hard. 

Logan Paul (right) took on Floyd Mayweather this month, in a bout Hearn labelled as a ‘disaster’

‘Let’s just calm down. He couldn’t beat most debutants in boxing, so to beat the pound-for-pound king… definitely not. Let him do his own thing.’ 

He went on to add: ‘I understand the YouTube numbers. I did one. I did two. I never felt comfortable doing it, but I did feel comfortable with the numbers. Deep down, I’m someone who’s been around boxing for 33 years, and I’m a hardcore fight fan. 

‘That’s what I love. I just feel that right now if we don’t get hold of boxing and start making the great fights, you’ll see more and more of that stuff, which will kill boxing. We need to make sure that we put more effort and more focus into great fights.’

Jake, 24, is currently preparing to take on former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in August, and will be aiming to continue making waves after beating Ben Askren in his last showdown.

Hearn also showed respect for Jake’s step into the ring, but has urged everyone to ‘calm down’

Paul (left) has had three fights in his professional boxing career and has won all three contests

Canelo is unlikely to take up his regular call-outs, though, and he has openly shown distaste for any match-ups involving either of the brothers. 

After Logan took on Mayweather earlier this month in Florida, in a bout that went the distance and ended with no winner being announced, Canelo took to social media to post a face-palm emoji. 

But despite the verbal jabs directed at him, Jake has remained in bullish spirits, leading to his controversial statement on his quest for success. 

Speaking to TMZ, Paul had said: ‘I just want to continue to be the most disruptive boxer in the history of the sport.

Paul had talked up taking on Canelo Alvarez for the biggest titles and vowed to be ‘disruptive’

‘I think it’s about taking it on a fight by fight basis and continuing to build these fights and making them even bigger, taking on more serious opponents.

‘If you asked me if I was going to be where I’m at [now] three years ago, I wouldn’t believe you. So I don’t want to [put a] cap on my possibilities, I’m open minded and I think anything is possible. 

‘I think I could be fighting Canelo Alvarez for the WBC or WBO championship belt.’

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