‘Elle Brooke could become a pro boxer – she’d be better than some current stars’

Elle Brooke has the talent and determination to turn professional if he sticks at boxing, according to Ebanie Bridges.

After making great strides during her first year on the influencer boxing circuit, Brooke suffered her first ever defeat last month. After her loss to Jully Oliveira in the semi-final of the Kingpyn tournament, the adult content creator announced she would be taking time away from the ring.

Brooke posted: "I plan to take some time away from the gym, focus on creating content and travelling for a while, then come back when there is a fight that makes sense.

"Plus I need to get back down to my natural weight," she added, followed by a cry-laughing emoji.”

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Brooke has honed her boxing skills by working with IBF bantamweight world champion Bridges, who reckons her pal and fellow content creator has what it take to make an impact in the pro ranks.

“She could turn pro one day, most definitely,” Bridges told the No Context Sport show on YouTube. “She’d be better than some of the pros.”

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On whether Brooke will turn pro one day, Bridges said time is on her side.

“I think she would like to. Because of who she is, she can’t go the normal route, which is amateurs,” added the Aussie.

“She’s using the influencer boxing as a pro would use the amateurs, just to get the experience, because it’s not so serious.

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“Then, when she’s got the experience, she can turn over to the pros. I definitely believe with her mindset and will to learn and the way she works so hard, she can do it.

“She’s so young, I think she’s only 25 and what she’s done in the last year is mega. I only boxed for two years before I turned pro. I had my first [pro] fight two weeks before my 30th birthday and I’m 36 now. If I can do that, she can do it, definitely.”

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