Fans claim Jake Paul's win over Tyron Woodley was RIGGED

Fans claim Jake Paul’s fight with Tyron Woodley was RIGGED to help the YouTuber win as supporters question why the ex-UFC stood off when he was on top AND the scores on the judges’ cards

  • Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley via a split decision on Sunday in Cleveland 
  • Fans have accused Woodley of not wanting to win the fight due to his tactics 
  • The 39-year-old chose not to attack Paul while his opponent was on the ropes 
  • Supporters also questioned the way the judges voted on each round 

Angry sports fans claim Jack Paul’s fight with Tyron Woodley was ‘fixed’ and accused the latter of not wanting to win, with the ex-UFC star suffering a defeat to the YouTuber.

Paul won the Cleveland contest via a split decision after both fighters went the distance, with the deciding judge award the 24-year-old with a 78-74 victory after the other two adjudicators offered 77-75 wins to each fighter.

Supporters questioned why former UFC welterweight champion Woodley failed to take advantage of a startled Paul when the 39-year-old landed a right-hander on the top of the streaming star’s head in round four to send him flying into the ropes. 

Fans have accused Jake Paul’s win over Tyron Woodley of being fixed due to the latter’s display

Some questioned why Woodley (left) failed to attack Paul (right) when he was on the ropes

Fans on social claim that Woodley was told not to beat Paul due to the way the fight panned out.

One fan said: ‘Have to question if it’s fixed or not. Woodley holding back and not the slightest bit gased. Paul is gasping for air.’

Another tweeted: ‘Got the feeling Woodley was told not to knock him out… this game is fixed. Fingers crossed for the Fury fight as that’s a different ball game completely. #WoodleyPaul’

Meanwhile, one fan posted: ‘This is such a frustrating fight. Woodley walking him down then just standing in front of him not throwing a punch. This has gotta be fixed.’

Fans were surprised at former UFC champion Woodley’s display in Cleveland on Sunday

A fourth fan tweeted: ‘Jake got decked so badly in round 4 that he was never the same. Woodley proceeded to walk him around the ring like a long walk on the beach. This seemed pretty fixed.’

Woodley appeared to start the fight slowly, creating a strong distance between him and Paul and barely landed any punches in the opening three rounds.

With the YouTube star firmly in control, Woodley suddenly came to life in round four and sent Paul crashing into the ropes, but failed to take advantage of this.

Paul regained his composure to move himself back into the lead in the fight and even though Woodley knew a knock down would seal a victory for him, the 39-year-old never went on the offensive in the closing rounds of the fight. 

Fans were also dismayed by the scorecard which showed a real variety of results this weekend

Fans were also bemused about the way the judges voted so sporadically for both fighters in the Cleveland encounter. 

Phil Rogers, who awarded Woodley his 77-75 victory, claimed that the former UFC star won every single round from the fourth, whereas Dana de Paolo claimed Paul won each of the last four rounds.

Whilst discussing the scorecard, one fan said: ‘Rigged. They want Jake to keep bringing in the $$$’

Paul claimed he was surprised when he heard that a judge claimed Woodley won the fight

Another said: ‘Exactly, it’s rigged, Jake was running away, was funny to see, could tell who was dominant, Jake just kept the distance.’

Paul himself also questioned the judges’ decision to award Woodley a round, claiming that the 39-year-old barely managed to trouble him on Sunday.

When asked whether he was surprised that Woodley won a round, the YouTuber said: ‘100 per cent. That was buls*** come on. Especially in my home town, where’s that judge at?

‘He hit me with one shot all fight, it was a good shot and he had more shots, (but) there was only one real shot.’  

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