Fans convinced Conor McGregor posted video of sex act on UFC legend’s yacht

Conor McGregor posted a photo and a video of him appearing to be receiving oral sex, sending UFC fans into a frenzie.

McGregor has been enjoying life away from the Octagon, regularly posting photos and videos of himself on his yacht and in his many super cars. The Irishman has not competed since his second consecutive defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

McGregor is still recovering from the horrific ankle break he suffered against Poirier in Las Vegas. However, his latest, curious post suggests there are many other things on his mind, than merely recovering from injury.

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That is because he posted a picture of himself lying down with both hands on top of his head. However, the former champion did not appear to be wearing any underwear and there is a very curious shadow over his waist.

Moreover, McGregor was also suggesting, or perhaps signposting, what fans instantly thought when they saw the video and the post. He accompanied his photo with the caption ‘If you’re gettin it. Get it Top floor of the triple deck,” his post read.

And fans instantly cottoned on to the suggestive post. “Did Conor McGregor really just post himself getting head on IG story,” one fan commented.

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"He also posted a picture with no pants, with a caption suggesting it. It's pretty clear what he was doing." The video was also accompanied by Brent Faiyaz’s R&B hit ‘Rehab’ (Winter In Paris).

And fight fans put the post, and the song together and came to their own conclusion about McGregor’s activities. "The song choice… I feel like this was meant for somebody to see,” one fan said.

However, the more skeptical, or perhaps the more sensible, fans believed the video and the post was not what it looks like.

"I really think he’s rubbing his wife’s hair. People love to over react lmao." Another fan agreed: "I honestly think his wife is just sleeping on his lap."

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