Fans say boxing is dead as Eubank Jr and Benn argue about their dads on TV

Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn have again clashed ahead of their upcoming fight – this time arguing about the legacy of their fathers.

The two famous boxing names will again collide on October 8 in a super-welterweight clash in London, almost 30 years after the second fight between Chris Snr and Nigel Benn.

Eubank won the first fight in 1990 before an infamous draw between the pair three years later. Benn and Eubank Jr faced off on Good Morning Britain and traded more blows about the historic rivalry between the two families.

"The last fight ended in a draw and we all know how that fight really went and who should have won. It's only right that I get the victory," Benn said. "I am going to go and get the win regardless. My dad is proud of me with or without this fight."

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Eubank insists he will retire if he loses the fight, responding: "My father retired at 32 and I am 33. This is an extremely important fight and there is pressure on me to uphold the family name and legacy we have created.

"Right now, the Eubank name is in front of the Benn name in the record books and I am going to keep it that way.

"Losing to Conor Benn, it means I am not the fighter that I thought I was. I want to challenge for world titles and I can't do that if I lose."

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But Benn hit back, adding: "The fight wouldn't have happened if it wasn't Eubank vs Benn. No one cares about whose name is first in the record books and who ring walks second.

"I couldn't care less. When this fight was announced, it was my name that was trending, not yours.

But boxing fans have hit out at the latest exchange with @Moonraker_Mart taking to social media to express his criticism – posting: "Benn & Eubank Jr are literally arguing about whose dad is bigger. Boxing is dead."

"Both of them carrying on their fathers' feuds. That is sad," @jamesdawson911 added.

Another boxing fan, @mapsmummy posted: "Find your own style and stop trying to imitate your fathers because this performance has put me off watching."


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