Fight rules for Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr including whether knockouts allowed

The question on everyone's lips has been whether they can have knockouts or not.

Well, the good news for Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr is that it is looking likely.

The California State Athletic Commission, who have authorised the fight happening in Los Angeles, have been in a back-and-forth with promoters Triller over what the rules can be.

The good news for the fighters right now is that it appears the promoters are winning, because they want it as close as possible to how it was back in the prime of their career. 

So, what are the rules? Here is all you need to know ahead of the fight…

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr fight rules

Will there be a winner?

Yes, there will be a winner.

The CSAC have insisted that there would be no scoring and would not be a winner.

But the WBC have got involved, alongside promoters Triller, and will be scoring the fight with three independent judges.

Those three are Christy Martin, Vunny Pazienza and Chad Dawson – all of who are former world champions.

A result will be announced and a one-off belt will be presented to the winner.

Are they allowed to knock each other out?

It would appear that they can.

The CSAC insist that the fight is an exhibition and the referee can step in to stop it if it gets too violent. Officially, it is just a sparring session.

But the promoters have said that they will be able to knock each other out – and it appears they have the final say.

How many rounds will there be?

There will be eight rounds, with each of them lasting two minutes each.

Both men have voice opposition to the round times, each wanting three-minute rounds like when they were professional.

But that is one rule they were unable to change.

What gloves are they going to be wearing?

Both men will be wearing 12oz gloves.

They are slightly heavier than the 10oz gloves that they are used to wearing in their professional fighting careers.

Headguards will not be worn.

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