Floyd Mayweather ‘asked Logan Paul for rematch’ on top of iconic Dubai hotel

Logan Paul has sensationally claimed Floyd Mayweather's team asked him for a rematch – one week after the boxing legend stated the YouTube star wanted to take him on again.

Paul has been on a collision course with Mayweather in recent months, claiming the 50-0 fighter still owes him a huge sum of money from their bout in June 2021. Mayweather has admitted to not paying Paul the full amount of money yet, claiming pay per view money "takes a while" and late payments "come with the territory".

Predictably, this has done little to qualm Paul's frustrations, leading to him claiming he will take the matter to court. And one week after Mayweather suggested the Youtuber had "asked for a rematch", a furious Paul blasted the fighter as a "dumbass" and stated it was actually the other way around.

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"He went on a press conference the other day and had the audacity to tell the media that I asked for a re-match," Paul said to the True Geordie podcast. "Let me just set the record straight, why the f*** would I ask for a rematch for someone who doesn't pay you for the fight?

"If I haven't been paid for the first one, why on God's green earth would I ask you for a second fight knowing damn well I probably won't be getting paid the money I was owed for my work, you dumba**. Second off, they asked us for a rematch.

"100%, he was supposed to fight on top of the Burg Al Arab in Dubai, the seven-star hotel with the helipad. It would have been amazing, [I] got called a month and a half before the fight because some s*** happened with his opponent.

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"'Hey would you like to fight Floyd in a month and a half?' someone from his team or someone who at least thought they could get the deal done enough they gave us a confidential phone call. I go 'what?' 'Bro pay me for the first f***ing fight!'"

Paul also went on to allege Mayweather owes him between "two and five million" dollars due to his 10 per cent share of the pay-per-view revenue. But while Paul did admit he had been paid his upfront payment, estimated to be around £205,000, he is still adamant plenty more is owed.

"Floyd is dumb as hell dude," Paul added. "He owes me between two and five million – conservatively.

"This motherf*****. Sure I've been paid, not in full. Technically, you're right dude, but what about the rest of my money?"


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