Floyd Mayweather playing dirty over the rules for Logan Paul fight

Floyd Mayweather has been tipped to play dirty over the rules ahead of his Logan Paul clash.

That is the verdict from Paul's sparring partner Angel Lozano, who has insisted he is keeping the YouTube sensation "honest".

It comes as the two prepare to meet in the ring with a bout being organised by celebrity video site Fanmio.

Both Mayweather and Paul had been trading verbal barbs for months.

And they will face off in an exhibition clash, though it remains to be seen what size gloves they will be allowed to wear.

That is where Money will get up to his tricks, insists Lozano, who reckons the weight difference will be playing on his mind.

He told MyBettingSites.co.uk: “The team discussed the size of gloves before, they really don’t know what to expect from this guy Floyd.

"Floyd Mayweather is that type of guy to keep people guessing to the last minute then he’s going to start making moves.

"I think Logan will weigh around 190-195 pounds in the ring and Floyd will come in around 160.

"But who knows there could be a weight limit because no way Floyd will want him to come in that heavy.

"Floyd won't want him to use [his weight] as an advantage and put on a lot of muscle and lean as much weight as he can on him; they are just waiting to see what happens.”

Lozano also opened up on why he has been considered the perfect man to be sparring with Paul.

"Logan drafted me in because I keep him honest – if he makes a mistake, I hit him," he said.

"I think what they liked about me was how I react on Logan.

"Because a lot of the big guys they were bringing in weren’t really reacting to him, they were just kind of sparring with him and I've been giving him an honest look.

"If he made a mistake I would hit him. And he’s actually really good, he’s pretty sharp.

"He’s definitely showing improvements and he’s really dedicated.

"But it's a whole different game when you’re going against the one of the greatest fighters ever.

"He knows he has nothing to lose, he’s going to go all out."

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