Former opponent insists Jake Paul is twice as good as Tommy Fury

Jake Paul is twice as good as ‘mediocre’ Tommy Fury, insists the Brit’s former opponent Anthony Taylor… who likens ‘The Problem Child’ to Oleksandr Usyk after being highly impressed in sparring

  • Tommy Fury’s former foe Anthony Taylor insists Jake Paul is ‘twice as good’ 
  • Fury and Paul will finally settle their differences in the ring on December 18 
  • Fury laboured to a largely unimpressive points win over Taylor back in August
  • It was on the undercard of Paul’s toughest victory to date over Tyron Woodley 

Tommy Fury’s most recent opponent, Anthony Taylor, insists the Brit will prove no match for Jake Paul, who he claims is twice as good of a boxer. 

Fury made his US debut against Taylor on the undercard of Paul’s unanimous decision victory over Tyron Woodley late in August, putting in a largely underwhelming performance, though getting the nod on the scorecards.  

The match-up perfectly set up a bout between Fury and Paul, who will now finally settle their differences in the ring on December 18. 

Fury, who still harnesses world title ambitions after moving to 7-0 with the victory, believes Paul has made a drastic error by agreeing to fight a real boxer, while brother Tyson – fresh off beating Deontay Wilder in an all-time classic – insists his brother should drop the Fury name if he loses. 

Yet Taylor, who sparred Paul in the build-up to his bout against Fury, insists the gulf in class between the two fighters is evident.      

Anthony Taylor (left) says Tommy Fury will prove no match for Jake Paul in their match-up

The pair will finally settle their differences in the ring on December 18 in Tampa Bay, Florida 

‘Tommy doesn’t have knockout power,’ Taylor told Vegas Insider. ‘I felt every shot he hit me with, I wasn’t intimidated.

‘I just kept coming forward. You can obviously tell that Tommy doesn’t have a lot of experience with sparring and fighting.

‘On the other hand Jake is actually fighting high-class athletes. You know, they might not be boxers, but they are world class athletes.’

The 6ft 1in figure of Paul will undoubtedly pose more of a threat than a 5ft 7in Taylor – whose prior experience had largely come in MMA – with the American proving he does carry some power and boxing ability in his four professional wins to date.  

Taylor insists Fury’s one quality is his long reach, which will be diminished against an opponent of similar stature.  

Taylor fell to a one-sided defeat to Fury, but he insists the Brit carries no knockout power

‘Jake is twice as good as Tommy,’ he said. ‘Tommy only has that long reach. You take that long reach away and he becomes a mediocre fighter. Tommy is green, Tommy’s not anywhere near Jake’s level.

‘I get it, people are going to say you’re biased because you train with Jake. But I fought Tommy, Tommy doesn’t have knockout power.’

Not only does Taylor believe Paul will come out victorious, he also believes the ‘Problem Child’s’ former opponents would also fare well against Fury.  

Paul has notable wins over former UFC champions Woodley and Ben Askren, who Taylor insists would both beat Fury’s opponents to date.  

‘When you look at Tyron Woodley, I guarantee you Tyron Woodley can knock out all the opponents that Tommy has fought,’ he said. ‘Same thing with Ben Askren. Ben Askren was out of his prime but a younger version of Ben would definitely have taken out everybody that Tommy’s fought.’

‘Having sparred with Jake, he uses the ring very well and has good strategy and patience’

Paul defeated Tyron Woodley by unanimous decision in the first real test of his young career

Taylor and Paul sparred in the build-up to their respective fights on August 31 in America

‘Sparring with Jake, he uses the ring very well. You saw him when he fought Tyron Woodley, he used every inch of ring.

‘Jake’s patient, he knows when to strike and he knows when to throw power and in his punch. Jake is just an overall better fighter than Tommy.

‘Right now, everybody’s green, Jake’s green, Tommy’s green – you’re not going to really see strategically high IQs, but Jake showed some IQ against Tyron Woodley, he had a strategy, as opposed to Tommy when he fought me, there was no IQ. There was just him throwing punches. There was no strategy by Tommy.’

Breaking down how the fight will play out, Taylor compared it to Oleksandr Usyk’s recent scintillating display as he dethroned former unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.  

‘If I had to put my life on the line I’d predict Jake is going to dominate Fury,’ he added. 

‘He might most likely KO Fury, or TKO. When you look at Tommy versus Jake, it’s more like Anthony Joshua versus Uysk. Think about it, Jake moves around well using footwork and has good head movement. He moves around like Usyk.

‘When you look at Tommy, he’s very stationary, like Anthony Joshua. He relies on that one big punch. So that’s how the fight’s going to be. Don’t expect Tommy Fury to be bouncing on his tippy toes, but expect Jake to do that because Jake got a good ring awareness.’

Taylor likened Paul to Oleksandr Usyk (left), who defeated Anthony Joshua in September

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